Happy Easter!

Thank you boys for a lovely term!

Thank you so very much for the generous Easter gifts we were given, so much appreciated.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break, with lots of fun and special times.

Very best wishes

Mrs Turk, Miss White and Mrs Demetriou

The Bunny of Kindness

The boys voted today for who they felt deserved the Bunny of Kindness.


Well deserved!!

Our proudest achievements!

Easter Egg Hunt

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the boys. Much excitement and perfect weather, and special guest appearances of Peter Rabbit and Sonic!

Maths Challenges

Well done to all the boys who regularly complete the Maths Challenges!  We enjoy reading your entries.  Here are some more challenges:

  1. Write the following times digitally:

5 o’clock

Quarter past five

Half past five

Quarter to 6


2. If I buy an ice-cream for 75p and give the shopkeeper a £1 coin, how much change will he give me?

3. If Mr Walker buys a toy dinosaur for £1.25 and gives the shop keeper a £2 coin to pay for the dinosaur, how much change will he receive?

4.  How may seconds are there in a minute?

5. How many minutes are there in one hour?  In two hours?

6. How many days are there in a year?

7. How many weeks are there in a year?

8. What is the date of your birthday?


Today we celebrated with popcorn, cake and a movie for filling the marble pot!

Well done boys we are so proud of you!

St Patrick’s Day

Today we celebrated St Patrick’s Day by finding out about the traditions and who St Patrick was.

We also made a green smoothie out of spinach, pineapple, kiwi, banana, yoghurt and orange juice! Delicious and so very healthy!

Goodbye ducklings!

Today the boys said goodbye to the ducklings  🐥🐥🐥🐥.

How they have grown! We will miss them.

Stroke Rehab Dogs visit

Today I brought my giant schnauzer Cally to visit the boys. She brought 2 of her friends, Harry and Blossom. We came as part of our Science topic on animals, focussing this week on animals that help us.

The dogs are Stroke Rehab Dogs, and they work with stroke survivors to help them in their recovery. An individually planned program is provided for each stroke survivor to focus on their specific needs either physical, or related to language, memory and speech. The dogs provide a fun and creative environment whereby stroke survivors can work towards their individual goals. The dogs really enjoy the work, and it is a real privilege for us to witness the courage and determination of the people we work alongside.

The dogs behaved beautifully, and I think Harry in particular was very excited to meet a dog also called Harry!


Look at our colourful displays, linked to Science, animals and World Book Day!