Ashridge Estate

What a perfect day for our trip to Ashridge!

Westarted with an introduction by Andree and Jenny our two leaders for the day.

We practised listening to sounds with our eyes shut.

Then we had time to hunt for mini beasts.

We made mini beast art, decorating a beetle.

Time for lunch!

Den building fun.

A super day, lots of fun and collaborating.

Have a restful weekend!

London landmarks

Look at these stunning watercolours and pen pictures the boys have created.

They can be found in the Pre Prep foyer and Dining room. Do take a look, they are fabulous!

Happy Families story books

The boys enjoyed listening to the class books each class made which were inspired by our work on Allan Ahlberg’s Happy Families books.

London bags

Look at the fabulous London landmark bags Year 1 have made!

Science Sun and shadows

We thought about the Sun and how we need it to give us warmth and light, but also we need to be careful in the sun.

We looked at how our shadows move during the day.

It was lovely to have the help of Shiv a work experience student who loves Science!


Parachute party!

Well done boys for filling your marble jar. We had a parachute and ice lolly party to celebrate, and invited 1G to join the fun.

Welly Day!

What perfect weather we had for Welly Day!

We started the day getting very messy with mud and creating woodland characters out of wet mud and natural materials. The boys named their characters and decided what sort of personality they would have.

After break we all headed down to Green Meadow.

The boys had a fire safety talk and then with the help of Sam, a work experience student we built a fire in a fire pit and the adults had fun toasting bananas and marshmallows!

The next task for the boys was to work in groups to create a mini beast picture out of natural materials.

Time for a well earned lunch break.

And some rolling down the banks!

After lunch play the boys had a treasure hunt around the school grounds, trying to find pictures of different mini beasts and work out the hidden words.

The next challenge was trying to find out how many different natural objects would fit in a matchbox.

Finally we finished by reading the story given to the class by Pebbles the penguin. Reminding us to take care of the natural world.

A super day of learning and fun in the great outdoors!

I think there will be some sleepy boys tonight!




We took advantage of a break in the weather to take our Maths lesson outside. The boys were learning about capacity, and practiced measuring different amounts in millilitres.

The Great Fire of London

The boys created some super collages of The Great Fire of London.

Times Tables Challenge!

Dear boys

We have a new Maths Challenge for you.  During the last week of term Mr Pontin, Head of Maths, will be testing boys who confidently know their times tables up to, and including, 12×12.  He will ask the boys a mixture of questions to test their confidence and knowledge.  All boys who can successfully answer all the questions will receive a special times tables badge.


Good luck!