The Snail and the Whale

What a wonderful treat the boys had this afternoon!

Tall Stories brought their amazing production of The Snail and the Whale to Lochinver, it was fantastic!

Outdoor Learning

We took our Maths lesson outside today and learnt how to weigh using scales. We learnt that if the two sides of the scales were level the scales balanced.

We weighed natural materials that we found in the Woodland area.

Science experiment

As part of our Science topic on Forces this week, the boys experimented with ramps and balls. They rolled the balls down the ramps and found that the higher the ramp , the faster and further the balls went. They also learnt how to record and label a simple experiment.

1TD’s Time Capsule!

Look at our amazing Time Capsule ( name chosen by the boys!)

It was a great starting point for our creative writing about travelling into the past.

Time travelling!

We had great fun today starting to make our very own class time machine!

The time machine will be a brilliant aid to our topic on Past and Present. We are hoping to use it tomorrow for our creative writing on the Past.

Poppy wreaths

Poppy wreath

The boys worked hard to make their own Remembrance Day poppy wreath.

Remembrance Assembly

The boys attended a very moving special Remembrance assembly this morning.

Data handling

Today in Maths we were looking at another form of data handling -Venn Diagrams.

We sorted shapes as a class activity into yellow shapes and shapes with 4 sides but had to think hard where yellow shapes with 4 sides went!

The boys then had a go with individual Venn Diagrams.

Seb’s aeroplane!

Have a look at this wonderful creation brought in today!