Learning outside is always fun!

Particularly when it is a beautiful day!

We took our Maths lesson outside today, lots of measuring using a ruler, tape measure and metre stick.

It was a challenge to decide which equipment was the best to use for each task.

The boys were asked to find objects that measured, 5cm, 10cm and 15 cm.

They had to measure the circumference of a tree.

Finally they were challenged to find the length of the shed.


Calm, creative afternoon

The boys spent a lovely afternoon listening to music and using oil pastels to make an observational drawing of a selection of fruit.

The snail and the whale

The boys worked as a class to produce a poem based on the story The snail and the whale.


This is the tale of the snail and the whale,

The snail was bored and wanted to set sail.

The whale and the snail set off to sea,

Their friends waved them off from the branch of a tree.

In the sea they saw blocks of ice,

The snail thought the trip was very nice.

The whale had a grey hump back,

And the whale and the snail stopped for a snack.

The whale and the snail ate cod and chips,

As they passed sailing ships.

They passed shimmering fish,

The whale’s tail went splish.

They were sailing home,

In a sea of foam.


Welly Time!

Welly Time is back again!

Today the boys enjoyed a visit to Green Meadow and had fun going on a scavenger hunt. They were challenged to find a whole list of things ranging from 5 different leaves, something beautiful, a feather, a piece of litter and 20 of something.

Great fun!

Chinese New Year!

Blog Busters! Super Symmetry!

This week the boys have been learning about symmetry.  Boys, your maths challenge this week is to design your own symmetrical pattern, using different shapes and colours.  Remember to draw a line of symmetry before you start!  Bring your designs into School, as we would love to see them.


The boys have been looking at Symmetry in Maths.



We talked about the words symmetry and symmetrical, and line of symmetry.

The boys worked in groups to try to complete the other half of a picture.

They then worked individually.

Challenge them this weekend to find things around the house that are symmetrical!

Stick Man display


Do pop up to the Pre Prep library to look at the super Literacy displays.

Year 1 have worked together to produce a stunning display.

Alfie’s challenge!

To build a snowman ( obviously!!)

Ever wonder what the staff get up to when the boys aren’t here?

Perfect start to the day!!!