Welly Time

This week in Welly Time we were talking about gravity in nature. We went on a nature walk and collected some natural items. Then we dropped them to the ground and talked about which ones landed the fastest and why. We liked the way they floated down or fell quickly, and how they landed as a natural picture.


School Mosaic

The children started our year long project, organised by Mrs Blackborrow, to create a school mosaic. The designed and then moulded their clay tiles beautifully.

Well-being Breakfast

We all enjoyed our well-being breakfast on Monday. What delicious breakfasts the boys brought in ! It was a lovely time to share and talk and the odd socks gave us all a smile !

Maths positional language

This week in Maths we have been learning about position. The boys really enjoyed using the ramps and cars to race and put the vehicles in position.Please continue to talk about this at home,using the language of position, first, last ,second , third etc ,pointing out the position of cars in traffic or people in queues.

Golden Time

Each Friday the children earn their Golden Time. This is a period of free choice where they can get creative whether it be building, drawing or role playing with friends. It is a lovely opportunity for them to practice their communication and collaborative skills through play. Here are some of the things they got up to today…

Science – Living and non-living

We enjoyed discussing what makes something living and thought of lots of examples of animals and plants which are living. We sorted pictures into living and non-living categories. We enjoyed playing this game which tested our knowledge, you might want to do it together at home! https://www.turacogames.com/games/living-non-living/


Maths – Number Stories

The children worked with a partner to tell number stories in different ways using cubes, number lines and whiteboards.

Morning Drop Off

Just a quick reminder that we are encouraging the children to come into the classroom and organise their belongings in the morning more independently. Whenever possible please say goodbye at the gate and encourage them to do this.

Many thanks from the 1KO Team

Science – Sight and Touch

In Science this week we continued finding out about and exploring using our senses. We took magnifying equipment out around the school and looked at everyday objects carefully using our eyes. In the classroom we tested our sense of touch by trying to guess which items were in the feely bag.



In PE this week we warmed up but acting out our morning routine; we got up, stretched and brushed our teeth! Then we practiced moving around the hall in our own bubbles – keeping in spaces so that we didn’t pop anyone else!